How to Reduce Anxiety

How to Reduce Anxiety

Let's just get this out the way early. It is OKAY to not know what your future will look like or have the answers all the time. 

We add so much pressure to ourselves by thinking of outside factors like: "What will they think when I do this?," "How is this going to go?,' "I wonder who is all going to be there?," "What if this happens or doesn't go as planned?"...

All of these things cause you to feel worry, doubt, over anxious, and even uneasy.

But it is all a result of feeling UNSURE...

4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety:

1. Know your triggers. Identify things that may you feel uneasy, pressured, or over anxious, and address them. Moments when you begin to feel anxiety, calm yourself by saying "I'm feeling like this because of [the thing].

2. Talk to someone you trust. Internalizing your feelings and trying to fight against it can intensify the feeling of anxiety. Talk about what's on your mind. Wise counsel from someone you trust can help ease your worries.

3. Take a moment to breathe. Take a few deep breaths and mentally step away from your triggers. Gather your thoughts and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay. Redirect your nervous energy and think of a time that you planned something and it went well.

4. Physical Activity. Exercising regularly can improve your mood, build your self confidence, reduce stress, help you manage your thoughts better, and rid your body of negative energy. Going to the gym may not always be an option with busy schedules, so great alternatives include: On-Demand Workouts from Home, walking or biking around your neighborhood, or jumping rope.

Whatever you decide as the best option for you, know that you have a community of moms rooting for you and are happy to support you through your fitness and wellness journey.

Muscle Up Mommy,

Mykel B. Davis

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  • Martiese Lindsay

    Praying is also good

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