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Press is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can have for your business. It generates new buzz, new visibility to your products and signature services and creates engagement for your current audience. 

Get your audience talking again.

What's Included? 

Muscle Up Mommy's Feature article service for the cost of $1500.00 includes:

  • 1 feature article
  • Ability to use "Seen In Muscle Up Mommy" across your social media platforms and other marketing materials
  • Ability to share article across your social media platforms and other marketing materials
  • Updates from our staff to ensure the successful completion of your featured article.

How does it work?

Using the information and media (photos/video) that you provide, Muscle Up Mommy's editorial staff will compose these details into a buzzworthy article that you can share across various platforms for marketing purposes. 

What do I need to provide?

  • Information about your brand/product/signature service
  • At least 7 pieces of media that can be used to enhance marketing efforts (photos/videos)

How long does it take?

  • Information is collected > reviewed > article is drafted > submitted for review to our editorial staff > final edits are made > article is published.

Once payment is received, our editorial staff will begin working on your feature. An intake form will be sent to gather important information and media about your brand/product/signature service. After information is received and reviewed, our staff will continue working on your feature to ensure timely delivery of service.

This process could take anywhere between 7-21 business days. If you have any campaign deadlines that are important to notate, please let us know as we like to contribute to meeting important deadlines and on-time marketing efforts.

For any additional questions, please schedule a media strategy call with us and we will be happy to discuss before starting your media publication journey.


*By purchasing, you understand that Muscle Up Mommy, Inc. and any of its subsidiaries and/or affiliates reserve the right to refund and refuse service at any time, for any reason and does not promise any sales to be generated from this marketing tool. We are responsible for the completion of a one-page article of at least 200 words and the service fee is used to cover ONLY the exact and precise service that is listed in the description above. Services not listed should not be expected and will not be performed unless agreed upon in writing and additional payment(s) are rendered and received. Please read full terms and conditions here.

Why choose us?


Our items are designed with you in mind. Muscle Up Mommy® stands by delivering quality products that will withstand your most aggressive movements, support your active lifestyle, and children tugging on your clothes. An irresistable fit you won't regret.


Our client relationship goes beyond the products and services received from our organization. You gain a community of support, direct access to stress relief workouts and knowledgable customer support team to assist you throughout your journey.

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