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INCLUDED: one Mommy FupaEraser™ (1 pc.)

TARGET AREA(S): full midsection + fupa

RECOMMENDED: Activewear or non-activewear;

DETAILS: Get the most out of your full torso Fupa Eraser with our elite compression technology designed exclusively for around the clock use. Our unique design offers a breathable, cool compression sensation, best for reducing the appearance of cellulite, accentuating your curves at the start of your bust line, paired with a curved waist line to comfortably support and reduce unwanted lower belly fat. Perfect for wearing at work, around the house, running errands or support during daily activity.

SUGGESTED: waist training, fupa eraser, reduce belly and back fat, increase metabolism

SIZE GUIDE: *Do not size down. This product runs small and made to fit snug around your midsection. See measurements/instructions for best fit.

Instructions: Bend to the side. Locate natural indent. Use this point to measure the circumference of your waist.

Suitable Waist circumference
Waist Circumference
Small 24.5" - 26" (62CM-67CM)
Medium 26" - 28.5" (67CM-72CM)
Large 28.5" - 30.5" (72CM-77CM)
XL 30.5" - 32.5" (77CM-82CM)
2XL 32.5" - 34.5" (82CM-87CM)
3XL 34.5" - 36.5" (87CM-92CM)
4XL 36.5" - 38" (92CM-97CM)
5XL 38" - 40" (97CM-102CM)
6XL 40" - 42" (102CM-107CM)
7XL 42" - 44" (107CM-112CM)
8XL 44" - 46" (112CM-117CM)
9XL 46"- 48" (117CM-122CM)

To clean:

hand wash, spot dry with towel and lay flat to dry. Can be worn under or over clothing.


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