How to Tell If Baby Diaper Size Is Wrong?

How to Tell If Baby Diaper Size Is Wrong?

Thinking it may be time to size up on your babies diapers but you aren't sure when, here's how you can tell.

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Signs That It's Time To Size Up On Babies Diapers

I know... It's hard to accept that baby is getting bigger this quickly and it could be time to size up on diapers already. As tricky as diaper size guides can be, there's a few tale-tell signs that it's time to go up a size in your babies diapers.

1. Frequent Leaks and Blowouts

Wondering why your baby keeps having leaks or blowouts all of a sudden? Well I can tell you it's not likely to be the brand of diapers if they've been working all this time, and it's also not likely to be what they're eating especially if they've been eating the same thing (milk) this entire time.

Those frequent leaks and blowouts are indicators that your baby's diaper doesn't have the capacity to hold the amount of urine and poop your baby is outputting. With extra space, it would make for less leaks and less blowouts, so if this is happening, size up.

2. Red Marks and Indents Around The Thighs

Diapers are designed to fit comfortably around babies waist and thighs. Though they are generally made with elastic or stretch thigh bands, these bands should not be creating indents in the thighs. This is a sign that the diapers are fitting too snug and it's time to size up.

3. Check The Waist Band

This may seem like a more obvious sign, but if you're having trouble connecting the waist band or if it's fitting with unusual gaps and buckles in the fabric, it may be time to size up. It shouldn't be difficult to wrap the diaper around baby. A proper fitting diaper should come up just at or slightly below the belly button.

4. Check The Size Guide On The Box

Check on the diaper size guide on the box. Most brands include a guide with weight appropriate recommendations. Keep in mind that all babies are shaped differently and though the weight recommendations may indicate otherwise, there may be some instances where it's indeed time to size up to ensure babies comfort.

Don't be afraid to size up to double check if it's a better fit. It doesn't hurt to be sure....even if you aren't mentally ready to. haha...

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