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Mykel B Davis, a devoted mother of twins and wife, birthed the Muscle Up Mommy® brand while she was laying in the hospital giving birth to her twin girls. As a first time mom of twins, she would frequently use the term "Muscle Up Mommy" as a mantra to get through the day-to-day tasks of being a mother, and eventually found herself searching for a group of women who could relate to a challenge first-time-mom beginning.

Without any luck on finding her tribe, she created a space where moms could feel free of judgement and open to share their experiences, and the community organically grew. While sharing ages and stages with other moms, Mykel began designing and curating products to help herself and the community find ease in the journey.

Beginning in 2016 as an online fitness coach, cultivating a community of wellness enthusiasts for 7 years, she retired and reclaimed her title as a Journalist, Multimedia personality and Creator where she now serves well over 20 million monthly viewers and brand subscribers to date.

Through sources like Muscle Up Mommy’s online Blog, YouTube Channel (Muscle Up Mommy TV) and its social media platforms, Mykel continues to embody community through the likeness of family, motherhood, marriage and lifestyle.

All the products you know and love from Muscle Up Mommy® has been developed, reviewed and approved by her and a team of dedicated industry experts--keeping you in mind every step of the way.


Family is such a large part of what we do at Muscle Up Mommy®, so it's important that you know the family behind the brand. Meet Kyndall and Blair, our twin co-stars of the operation and Mr. Davis, Mykel's husband and biggest cheerleader.

Mykel proclaims them as a "significant part in community outreach initiatives, new products ideas, topic discussions, and the reason the brand exists."

We are committed to raising awareness about postpartum mental health. Far too often women lose their personal identity when they give birth and unintentionally slip into postpartum depression. We aim to empower, motivate, and create a safe space for women to openly share their journey to assist others with preparedness and what to expect.


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I am in love with this entire brand and what it stands for. My compression belt and full torso belt has definitely shown results.

Taylor Ward (from Detroit, MI)

After giving birth to rainbow baby, Muscle Up Mommy gave me the energy, strength and motivation I needed after becoming a first time mom.

Des'Janae Greer (from Dallas, TX)

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