Q: What if my item doesn't fit? Can I process an exchange?

    A: You can submit a request for return authorization, following the instructions listed here.

    Q: Will the FupaEraser or Vest make me sweat outside of workouts?

    A: Our full torso compression belts, the fupaeraser and full torso vests are designed to be worn around the clock. They do not include sweat technology in it's design, though it's not uncommon to sweat during heavy continuous movement.

    Q: What's the difference between the sweat belt and compression belt?

    A: Our sweat belt is designed to help you melt away unwanted belly and back fat. It's sweat technology offers a warm sensation that's activated on movement and promotes sweating effect. We recommend wearing during active use. Our compression belt can be worn around the clock as it does not include sweat technology. It's short torso design is created to be used as a support garment during our outside of workouts.

    Q: What will I need to be successful in this fitness program?

    A: You must be be open to recommendations, have a specific goal in mind that you genuinely want to achieve, and commit to our scheduled fitness training sessions and regimen we have created for you. We are committed to producing exclusive products to help you achieve and maintain your results. Reflect on what you want to change and come ready to work. 

    Q: Will I need equipment?

    A: Yes.  
    Online participants will be required to purchase handheld weights/equipment for your home. 
    Face-To-Face participants have the option to use equipment provided or purchase handheld weights/equipment for personal use.

    Q: Where do we train?

    A: We offer both face-to-face and online training. You will have the option to sign up for training in your local area or use our online platform.

    Q: Can I access the program using my cellphone only?

    A: Yes! You will not need to go out and purchase a computer or webcam. As long as you have a cellphone with a working front camera and charged battery, you can complete our sessions from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, we offer face-to-face training sessions.

    Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Prices and program options can be found  by clicking here: Fitness Programs

    Q: Do I have to be a mother to train with you?

    A: No. We welcome women of all ages to join our programs.

    Q: My schedule is very hectic. Is there a specific time we have to meet?

    A: We offer "You Pick The Time" online fitness training sessions so that you remain in full control of your schedule and can balance accordingly. Using our self-serve scheduling portal, you're able to book, reschedule and cancel as needed.