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RECOMMENDED: Anti-Loss Prevention and Safety during travel, commutes, shopping with children, and in high traffic areas. 

USES: Best used to prevent kidnapping/abductions, car to pedestrian fatalities, child wandering, and support during child exploring and "independent" play. You can be confident with letting your toddler explore and gain independency while keeping them close by at all times.

DETAILS: Our wristlets® offer the highest security features with lock and key functions to prevent quick removal by child or stranger. We have designed our wristlets with aggressive movements in mind. Our heavy duty steel cable cord wrapped in cut resistant spiraled ply makes it extremely difficult to cut, tamper with or break. We have implemented a smooth anti-stick velcro, convenient for air flow and adjustable wrist strap sizing for multiple users. Stretches up to 6 feet for safe and independent exploring.  One size; adjustable wrist straps. 

AGES: walking - 9 years old. 



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INCLUDED: (1 pc.) Waist Bead Chain

RECOMMENDED: Track your weight loss goals with our handmade waist beads.

USES: Best used to track your fitness goals without using a digital scale. 

DETAILS: Our handmade waist beads are used as an anxiety-free weight tracker system, and symbolize achievement, sexiness, and femininity. Our soft cotton, adjustable string closure makes it easy to set your current waist circumference and track your weightloss journey. Choose from our selection of vibrant color options and celebrate your non-scale victories in style. 

SIZE GUIDE: Our waist beads can fit up to a 50 inch waist circumference. Size down by removing beads, and cutting excess string once securely fastened in place. One size fits most.



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INCLUDED: one fruit infusion bottle (1 pc.) or seven fruit infusion bottles (7 pcs) when purchasing a set


DETAILS: The perfect companion for daily detoxing. Best used to reduce the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Select your preferred choice of fruit/vegetables, add water and it's ready to enjoy. Our fruit infusion water bottle is light weight, easy to carry with it's portable wrist strap, or pack to go. It's designed with eco-friendly, BPA free, FDA food grade plastic and holds up to 22 oz of stress relief.

Suggested: Detoxing, Juicing, Hydration, Gym or Daily Use.

Clean Instructions:

Hand wash or dishwasher safe.

Exchange Policy:

Water Bottles are Final Sale. See return and exchange policy here