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Online Lactation Classes

Join us as we discuss important breastfeeding topics to help you navigate your journey with confidence. Our classes are designed to prepare you for success and provide you with the information you need to overcome any challenges that may arise along the way.

What's Included?

Breastfeeding Basics

Learn the benefits of breastfeeding, important terms, how to establish and maintain a healthy milk supply, and more.

Fail Proof Pumping

Explore best pumping practices, techniques to help you build a fridge/freezer stock, and discover helpful milk storage methods.

Live Q & A

Connect with your instructor and moms in our community. This is your time to network and get specific questions answered.

Time Saver

Don’t waste time with trial and error. Sign up for Milk On Demand and get the information you need to lead a successful breastfeeding journey.

Support on your journey

Feed with ease

Breastfeeding doesn't have to be complicated. Join Mykel B Davis and our community of breastfeeding mamas to get the support you need.


I have a NICU baby and Mykel helped me establish a pumping routine so he could still have my breastmilk while we were apart. I honestly felt like giving up and glad I didn't.

Austyn Jordan

My baby refused to latch and because of your help, we got her checked for tongue ties and she's been latching so much better! I don't want to give up anymore.

Desiree Adams

I had to completely start over with building my supply up after stopping. I didn't know re-lactation was possible until I experienced it myself. Mykel is so patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!!

Tiffany F.

My baby was having trouble with taking the bottle and as soon as I reached out for help, Mykel was on it. My daughter is now taking both the bottle and breast! I'm so happy.


I'm so happy I found your page. I don't feel alone in my BF journey anymore. I needed this. Please Please Please, if you feel like quitting, sign up with Mykel.

Samantha G.
Lactation support

Milk on demand

Navigate your breastfeeding journey with ease. We're here to help.

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Our lactation classes are great for moms looking for help on their breastfeeding journey.

Classes are 1-hour long. We will cover breastfeeding basics, best pumping practices, creating a schedule that works for you and answer specific questions during our live Q & A segment.

Lactation classes are non-refundable but can be gifted to another mom who is interested as long as the class has not passed.

Please note, each reservation is designed for ONE participant and can only be used once.

No-show participants will forfeit their class seat and ticket cost will be donated to our cares team.

Yes. Your spouse is allowed to join class. No other guests are permitted to join unless they have enrolled as well.

For family class dates, text FAMILY to 1 (855) 516-1545 to subscribe to our SMS list. You'll receive updates on future classes, events and exclusive offers.

Absolutely! We would love to work with them. Simply enter their name and email at checkout, and sign up information will be emailed to them.