13 Odd, But Common Pregnancy Symptoms You Didn't Know About

13 Odd, But Common Pregnancy Symptoms You Didn't Know About

This is my second pregnancy, and it is by far different from the first. Here are 13 pregnancy symptoms that I was completely unprepared for.

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It's not uncommon to find out you're pregnant at the first sign of a missed period, or even early-on in gestation around 4-8 weeks. This is how it happened for me during my first pregnancy.

I was around 7 weeks when I found out I was pregnant, and besides missing my period, being 102lbs in my early twenties, I was already showing a little pudge I never had. At my first gynecology appointment, I received a vaginal ultrasound where they broke the news: I WAS PREGNANT WITH TWINS!

Though I was completely shocked expecting to be a mom of multiples, I wasn't prepared for all the things I would go through. I was automatically deemed high risk and around twenty weeks my cervix started shortening. It was at that point my team of specialists recommended I spend the remainder of my pregnancy on bedrest.

Aside those circumstantial events, symptoms with my first pregnancy weren't anything far outside of what I expected: you know, the widely talked about morning sickness, extreme fatigue during the first trimester, and nesting the closer I got to delivery day.

This time around...I wasn't ready for the new symptoms that are hardly talked about.

13 Pregnancy Symptoms I Wasn't Prepared For.

Reluctantly, I want to share these symptoms so that other expecting moms, or those in the planning stages know what to look for and expect.

1. Having Gas

Yep! We're starting it off strong with the real deal. I was not expecting to be this gassy. I'm not sure if the gas is because of eating certain foods or because my growing baby is just producing some mad air pockets in my belly that have to come out, but it's happening. I don't hear moms speak on this often, so I wanted to share. It sneaks up on you, and it smells worse than "traditional" gas when you're not pregnant. (haha)

2. Constipation - Why is this happening?

This pregnancy is taking constipation to a whole new level. It strikes almost every other day when I feel clogged. At first, I was thinking it was just the way baby was laying that was putting pressure on my rectum and digestive track, but apparently there's a lack of fiber in my diet and some imbalances from eating everything in sight. Now, constipation is an "easy" fix. The quickest and most natural way without over-the-counter remedies is to simply add more fiber into your diet. So, if you're experiencing constipation like I am, that should do the trick. (Of course consult with your doctor as well, but this is just my experience).

3. Dark Spots and Acne Sores.

Well this is extremely new to me. I've heard the old wives tales that boys give you dark spots and acne sores, but I can assure you I am pregnant with a girl and experiencing the same thing. Now, prior to pregnancy, I would say I have a great bill of clear skin. I luckily have never dealt with acne or dark spots, but this pregnancy has brought about some dark spots near the front of my ears. It isn't too extreme of a pregnancy symptom, but it's happening for me, and the remedy has been NARS Foundation and NARS Concealer.


4. Severe Mood Swings

Whoa! I wish someone would have told me that I would go from being super social and relatively nice to this mean, introvert that loves nothing more than to stay to herself. I am always snappy. Even at the smallest things, I am just short of patience and turning my face up. I try to be mindful of my emotions and how my response to things will affect other people and still, I find myself being blunt, straight-to-the-point, and sometimes just rude. Luckily, this doesn't pour over into my business because for whatever reason, I am able to separate and navigate my personal emotions in professional settings. My kids however like to tap dance on my nerves knowing that they can get a reaction out of me... At this point, I think they're playing with me on purpose (haha.)

5. Deodorant No Longer Working... Hormone Change?

My deodorant choice has changed throughout the years at different milestones like puberty, becoming sexually active, and becoming an adult. I've tried powder and spray forms, but once I found a brand that I enjoyed, my deodorant choice has been the same ever since. I had been using Secret Powder Fresh in the stick form since as long as I can remember, and now that I am pregnant, it's just not holding the same. At first I thought I was going crazy, but after actually observing its effectiveness, it's time for a change. The thing about my deodorant that I loved is that it kept me DRY and smelling FRESH all day long. Now, the fresh part still holds true (mostly), but I'm perspiring only hours after use. My aunt recently suggested I try Secret Outlast Invisible Solid deodorant and anti-perspirant. The hold is supposed to be much better.

6. Food Aversions...but with cooking.

I was talking with a friend the other day and we're both expecting girls in July. The weirdest thing is that we're both experiencing food aversions with not wanting to cook meat. The smell of it, the texture of it, the whole process of cooking the meat just doesn't sit well so I don't do it (unless it's tacos haha..)

I've heard of women not wanting to eat certain things, even I ate a very restrictive diet during my first pregnancy, but not cooking certain foods is a whole new experience for me.

7. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is a common pregnancy symptom. One thing I've noticed differently with this pregnancy is that I'm on a urinating schedule. I find myself getting up around the same time throughout the day and night to go and I just think it's strange. Oh, and as my pregnancy progresses, I have to go more often...which brings me to my next symptom, bladder leaking?!

8. Bladder Leaking

Um, I wish someone would have prepared me to carry around extra underwear because this bladder leaking situation is something different. After each bathroom run, I wipe high and dry and not even two steps away from the toilet, there's those little droplets that were waiting to come out. (Gee, thanks!) This leakage happens during the day when holding my urine or happens immediately after I go to the bathroom. There really is no in-between but it's worth letting you know what you're in for. Kegels after birth will be a girl's bestfriend.

9. Shopping For Baby Items

Okay, so shopping really isn't a "symptom" per say, but I am at a loss for words with how many options there are for moms of singletons. During my first pregnancy with twins there were maybe TWO brands that offered suitable items for moms of multiples and now 7 years later there's about a million and one stroller companies and two million car seat options. (Okay, so I'm exaggerating, but there's A LOT of them.)

I've went down the rabbit hole to reviewing every single product and I've found a bunch that I put on my baby registry. If you're feeling the love and want to gift my family, plugging my registry in for your shopping pleasure. Otherwise, take a peak and add some of the items to your registry. I've already done the digging for you.

10. Being Terrified of Loud Sounds.

I don't know what it is but loud sounds have really been eating me up lately. Those unexpected knocks at the door, random fireworks from the Texas celebration crews, and big trucks with noisy horns....all of them have been giving me the flux. I don't know what the remedy is for this, but I sure hope I don't pass this loud sound "fear" to my baby.

11. Round Ligament Pains.

I'm learning that round ligament pains are just apart of pregnancy. Your uterus is growing, your muscles are stretching and your hips are spreading. Everything is on a growth cycle and without proper support, the pains kick in. Great news is, when I'm walking around or doing any chores around the house, there's a maternity support belt that I love to wear, and it helps with lifting the load.

Muscle Up Mommy® maternity support belt. Available in sizes S-2XL.

It just so happens to be from my favorite, most-trusted brand for moms and moms-to-be, Muscle Up Mommy®. And get this, the items are professionally sourced and doctor approved. Highly recommend!

These round ligament pains haven't stood a chance since I've started wearing mine. So all the shooting pains I used to get when I would sneeze or sit in one spot for too long, I rarely get them.

12. Swollen Breasts

This is a symptom or side effect of pregnancy that I actually don't mind having. Before pregnancy I was an A-cup at best! At nearly 32-years-old and 125lbs, I've been wanting to gain a little bit of adult weight. Muscle and curves just look more appealing on me, to me. Since being an avid weight lifter, I was able to get the whole booty lift going on but boobs is a-whole-other things. I like it! But just so you know, the girls (breasts) are usually tender and require softer fabric and better support to carry you throughout pregnancy. I'd recommend Muscle Up Mommy's® activewear because it offers the perfect level of comfort, support, and cute styles.

And lastly,

13. Intensified Smell.

Smell is something oddly enough that never really bothered me. Even the worst smelling poopy diaper or food didn't really smack me in the face like this pregnancy sense of smell. Let me be clear, any stinky smell is like gruesome for me when it comes to thinking about germs and the clean up, but that's beside the point here. The smells that have been bothering me are like regular wall plug-ins, air fresheners, car fuel, some cleaning products, just regular everyday things that never bothered me before. It's quite interesting to have all these changes going on and having to make the necessary adjustments just to remain comfortable.

I hope this information has helped you as much as I wish someone provided the real scoop for me. If it did resonate, leave some comments and let's talk about it.

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