How Can I Make More Mom Friends?

Pink Out Party | Houston, TX

It's easy to isolate yourself and want to stay home after having kids.

...Because let's face it. It takes longer to get the kids ready than it does to actually get to the 'the place' or do 'the thing.'

I feel you! Having twins really forced me into becoming a homebody. That only lasted for about 3 years before I was craving to get back out and feel like my old FUN self again. 

Finding friends as a homebody was hard, because I never went anywhere except to the grocery store and I did all my shopping online. So you know what I did? I hopped on Facebook and started inboxing moms one by one introducing myself and letting them know I was a first time mom of twins, had been a stay-at-home-mom for 3 years, and was looking to finally explore Houston, TX. Some people left me on read, but for the ones who didn't, we really hit it off. 

Finding friends can be much easier for you, though. I've laid the groundwork out for us so that we can have a designated space to go meet other moms who just want to get out, feel heard, and have some fun outside of home responsibilities and kids.

This Satuday, October 23, 2021, we're meeting up at 10:00am CST at the MI3 Center to let loose again. You should come!

It's a Pink Out Party, so you can fully expect some twerking, workout instruction led by me, and everyone to be dripped in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Now disclaimer. This is not going to be a snooze fest. We ALL met online, here for some kid-free fun and just getting together to have a good time and be around good energy while we do it.

The event is $65, and you get a free pink activewear set with your sign up. 

I hope to see you there. Check it out here:

Muscle Up Mommy,

Mykel B. Davis

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