The Biggest Fitness Party Experience Detroit Has Seen!

The Biggest Fitness Party Experience Detroit Has Seen!

I am so excited to share with you that we are bringing our pop-up fitness experience to Detroit, MI! 

This is the first time ever that we will grace the state of Michigan doing something THIS big and exciting! 

We are bringing together moms from all around the local area and those traveling in, to share in a fitness journey that we all can stay motivated by. 

It's not just the accountability partners and energy that I'm excited about. It's knowing that once we leave this fitness party, we will have the seed of discipline planted so that we can continue our fitness and wellness journey from home.

If you're not familiar with our specialized guided home workouts, jump on it now so that you have a solid plan to to follow once you get started.

...And listen, you can be a beginner at this and do WELL at our in-person class. 

Come out, meet the fit fam, get a good workout in, exchange contact information or meet us online in our safe haven, and let's get it. 

Click HERE to sign up for the Pop-Up Fitness Experience.

It's Happening.

Muscle Up Mommy,

Mykel B Davis



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