How Dare You Be Discouraged?!

How Dare You Be Discouraged?!

I caught myself feeling blue for the last couple of days, and before I picked myself up from the slump, I allowed myself to feel. 

I wanted to be fully expressive and give myself a chance to fully understand, so i can do all that I can to not get back in that headspace again. 

I was comparing my right now to previous experiences that went better. 

I was being hard on myself about not meeting my own deadlines that were way too aggressive to begin with, and unaligned with what God wanted for me. 

I mean I completely took on the weight of all the things that are essentially out of my control and made myself feel bad about it. 

All I can do every single day is show up as my most authentic self, and do what I can to bring my goals to pass, and everything outside of that, isn't in MY control.

I can't change responses. I can't change time. I can't control other people and what they do. All I can do is focus on what I can physically and mentally change within myself, my environment and the things I want for my life.

Once I ACCEPTED that, I woke up GRATEFUL.

I used today to feel completely satisfied by all the things that HAVE gone right.

I used my time to be PROUD of myself for all the times my back was against the wall and I made it out.

I chose to be HAPPY for where I am and thank God I'm not where I used to be.

I want that for you today too (and everyday after that).

Find something to be HAPPY and GRATEFUL about, and use it to fuel your energy for the rest of this week.

Remember, You're doing well and IT'S HAPPENING.

Muscle Up Mommy,

Mykel B Davis.  

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