How Often Should I Rest?

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Rest is so essential to recovery AND performance. 

Some signs of feeling fatigued are low energy, slower than normal response times, lagged performance, poor mood, etc.

Rest is key to dominating in your fitness and wellness journey.

Dedicate at least 2 rest days a week to do minimal workouts/strenous activity. 

This recovery period will allow your muscles time to recover and you'll be able to see faster results. 

In addition to fitness and wellness results, you'll have more energy to apply yourself in other areas of your life, let's say... MOTHERHOOD and all the roles and resposibilities that come with it. ;)

I know first hand how challenging it can be to MOM when your sleep tank is on E. 

It becomes difficult to manage your own emotions, let alone have the energy to read the emotions of a little one.

No sleep is a recipe for disaster. So if you're feeling fatigued, give yourself some grace and REST. 

Hit it hard when you are feeling better equipped and well rested.


Muscle Up Mommy,

Mykel B Davis.

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