Breastfeeding & Pumping

Saving breastmilk after power outage
Some times unfortunate situations can happen leaving you without access to electricity. For pumping moms, this could greatly impact your milk supply. Find out how to be prepared.

1:1 Lactation Support

Get extra support on your breastfeeding journey. Speak directly with Muscle Up Mommy's breastfeeding advisor.









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Introducing 1:1 Lactation Services

Fast Chat Response

Have questions or concerns regarding breastfeeding or pumping? Gain access to chat directly with our breastfeeding advisors.

Schedule A Visit

Reserve a 1:1 video call with our breastfeeding advisor to get direct help with lactation questions and concerns. Must have J35 wearable pump to be eligible.

Mom 2 Mom Support Group

Connect with other breastfeeding and pumping moms via our private Facebook support group to get answers to your questions and concerns.


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I just want to shake your hand and sing your praises. I love this product... I am grateful to you for what I call a revolution in lactation. I will be sending this to all my mommy friends.

EnVizion Wellness, Inc.

I'm so happy I came across your page. I felt like giving up because I didn't have a lot of support and now my supply is back up. I'm so excited!

Melissa Neptune