Things To Better Prepare For Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most transformational times in a woman's life. Not only will you need to prepare for physical body changes, but your mental capacity and emotional well-being will also change. Here are some things that I've documented to help other moms-to-be better prepare for third trimester.

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New Pregnancy Symptoms at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy overall had me in a frenzy because it's not at all what I was expecting. My first pregnancy with twins was high risk, so there was bedrest, minimal eating, lots of food aversions and tons of discomfort. Now of course every multiples pregnancy won't consist of those symptoms, but for me, that's what it was.

After 7 years, I got pregnant again, and this time, it's only one. There have been any unexpected pregnancy symptoms this go round, but overall, it's been a great, healthy and happy pregnancy. This pregnancy was completely unplanned, so as you can imagine there was lots of back and forth with worries, second guessing and comparing experiences to before.

Thankfully, we've prayed and conquered 34 weeks and I'm now experiencing these third trimester symptoms that I want to share with you all:

  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Increased Urinating
  • Hot Flashes
  • Increase Discomfort For Sleeping
  • Cleaning Fritz
  • Thoughts Of Being Unproductive and Lazy - I've really been hard on myself somedays but learning to give myself more grace.
  • Random Bursts of Energy With Extreme Future Planning
  • Mood Swings
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Feeling Baby's hiccups
  • Feeling Baby's movements more aggressively

What I Recommend Doing Before Third Trimester

If I had to make a list of all the things you should complete BEFORE your third trimester, the NUMBER ONE thing on the list would be to have your baby shower by 30 weeks pregnant.

Sharing my baby shower that I had at exactly 30 weeks pregnant

I swear, the energy levels I had during second trimester started to dwindle quickly right around 31/32 weeks. This isn't uncommon among other pregnant mamas either. Most will tell you that the thought of entertaining, being up on your feet being interactive and friendly, and just exerting extra energy feels like an OVERTIME job once you cross over 30 weeks.

Having your baby shower before the 30 week mark would allow for you to spend the next few weeks setting up the nursery, organizing last minute house stations (as I like to call them), and just getting mentally prepared for all the things.

Secondly, I would plan for extreme fatigue days. Once you cross over that 30 week mark, your energy levels drop significantly where some days all you have energy to do is sleep, eat and nap again. You may be able to get one or two priority tasks in, but outside of that, you'll just need to listen to your body and rest when needed.

I wasn't quite prepared for my energy levels to drop so quickly, but here were are and we are now T-34 days until delivery day.

So to all the expectant mamas, third trimester.... Push to have everything planned and done by then.

Top Product(s) That Has Helped During Third Trimester

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