What Should You Pack In Your Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery?

What Should You Pack In Your Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery?

The big labor and delivery day is right around the corner for you and it's that time to get ready! I'm right there with you. Here's some things I'd recommend as a second time mom having baby number 3.

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What Was Your Experience With Labor And Delivery?

This is my second rodeo with labor and delivery and I must say the jitters are much more intense this go round. I don't know if it's because I know what to expect or if it's because I'm just ready to start the next chapter of motherhood.

The first go-round, I was pregnant with twin girls. My pregnancy was every bit chaotic and eventful. I was on bedrest, I went into pre-term labor 3 times before the doctors finally admitted me for a delivery stay at 36 weeks and 2 days, and I had no time to prep for the big day.

Everything about my first pregnancy was a shot in the dark and ultimately made me trust the process and other moms who had also experienced a twin birth.

As you can imagine, I wasn't prepared for my labor and delivery stay. Everything just happened so fast. What I am grateful for is an amazing husband and supportive family that made sure I was comfortable during my stay. This pregnancy, is MUCH different. I feel like a unicorn because although I've had some unexpected symptoms that I wasn't prepared for, this pregnancy has essentially been a breeze!

So much so, I've had time to fully nest, prepare and pack my hospital bag for me and baby.

What Should I Pack In My Hospital Bag For Delivery Day?

I'll be honest with you, as exciting as this time may be, you're likely overthinking packing a hospital bag.

Mostly all hospitals and birth centers come equipped with everything you'll need from gowns, toiletries, bedding and medical supplies. Even if you never got around to packing your own personals, you'd have everything you need in the unit to make sure your stay was exceptionally pleasant (as much as it can be all things considered.)

What I can say though, is if you are extra particular like me, I would recommend bringing your favorite items just to make your room is cozy and extra comfortable.

If you have a favorite blanket you like to sleep with or lounge around the house with, pack it. If you have favorite snacks, make sure they're tucked away in your bag too. Other items I would bring are:

  • A Pajama Gown or Robe For Pictures.
  • A Hair Brush / Hair Spray / Edge Control to slick your hair down for first moment pics/video.
  • Hair Accessories…especially for your night routine (Satin Scarf for sleep / Bonnet, etc.)
  • Make-Up if you're a girlie that likes to look a little polished.
  • CHAPSTICK or lip gloss. I cannot stress this enough.
  • Contacts case and cleaning solution (or glasses/case/cleaning cloth).
  • House Shoes / Slippers.
  • Shower Shoes.
  • Your personal bath soap.
  • Towels are optional but bring a couple if you prefer to use your own.
  • Travel size toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and baby oil or lotion.
  • A roll of your preferred toilet paper (the 1-ply that’s usually at the hospital can be a little rough on the bottom for those first postpartum poops).
  • Comfortable outfit for the ride home, preferably something loose that won't press on your stomach or incision.
  • Vlogging Cameras / Batteries
  • a Ring Light if you do that kind of thing.
  • and lastly, your phone charger.

Unless you wash your hair daily, you can skip the shampoo and conditioner. It won't be necessary.

In Your Bag For Baby:

  • Newborn Photo Outfit
  • Preferred baby swaddle or blanket
  • Accessories for baby announcement (name plate, personalized stuffed animal etc.)
  • Car Seat and Stroller (You cannot go home without these things)

I know there's tons of moms who are really excited and pack diapers, wipes, binky options and burp cloths, but trust me-- the hospital gives you all those things and you'll want to have space in the diaper bag to pack up all the inventory from your hospital room that they give you.

Unless you plan to use special diapering or fabrics for baby, you really can pack light for baby.

Recommendations For Items To Have When You Get Back Home

Enjoy your hospital or birthing stay and get as much sleep as possible. When you get home, that's when the real work hits. Baby will be up every couple of hours for feedings and you'll want to be mentally prepared for that.

When you arrive home, some essential items I recommend you have are:

Postpartum Compression Belt For Belly Binding


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2. A Comfortable Pajama Gown And Robe

The first few days after postpartum are spent catching up on rest and learning the baby's sleeping schedule for feedings. Having a cute pajama set that can help you feel comfort and look decently presentable will help you on your postpartum journey. I've linked one that I'll be packing in my hospital bag.

3. House Shoes or Slippers

If you have to go into the kitchen late at night to grab another bottle or use your bottle making machine, I recommend having some warm slippers tucked safely away at your bedside to avoid the brute cold floor. I've linked the exact pair that I'll be packing in my hospital bag.

Here Are Some Helpful Bedside Set Ups To Make Night Changes & Feeding Easier

Everyone loves to brag about their nursery, but realistically, you can become so exhausted and tired throughout the bi-hourly night feeding that walking even 30 feet down the hall to the nursery can become tiresome.

During my first pregnancy, I learned early on that having everything at my fingertips was extremely helpful!

Here are some of my personal bedside set ups to make your primary suite feel functional and not completely look like a nursery room.

And somewhere to have diaper changes...

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