What Large Corporations Don't Show You...

What Large Corporations Don't Show You...

Large corporations are great for showing us how seamless the experience is on the front end, but hardly ever do we see all the parts that go into making the maching run well. 

I wanted to open up and give the fit fam and inside look at how we manage and get things accomplished at Muscle Up Mommy®

I share snippets on social media, but those 10-15 second clips hardly do the details any justice.

There's so much thought process, designing skills, in-depth team meetings, and trial and error that goes into building a business, and I'm showing it ALL on our Vlog

So far we have given you a peek into our wareHOUSE, Things that get me riled up, and how I manage to balance my day with twins and home life.

One thing about our fit fam community is that we share, learn and do this journey together.

So, here's one more thing that we can enjoy together. Make sure you check it out.

Muscle Up Mommy,

Mykel B Davis


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