What They Don't Tell You About Kids Water Bottles

What They Don't Tell You About Kids Water Bottles

Can we talk about kids water bottles for a moment? Are they TRULY safe?...

See the thing is... I'm that parent that shops for the matching sets and functional bottles, but hardly ever do I go shopping with all the potential dangers in mind. 

That was until yesterday evening. 

On a regular school night, I take some time to do a soapy rinse and refill of any water bottle that has only been filled with water. In my mind, non-sugar liquids are easier to clean and don't cause much mess or concern for molding. 

Or So I thought....

During my nightly clean, I found visible mold and mold spores underneath the cap of their water bottle. 

I was completely devastated!

This came to my surprise because there are very few rubber pieces/crevices in the design and their bottles are generally stored in a cool place.

I tell you this as a reminder: CHECK FOR MOLD!!

Cough, Stomach Cramping, Diarrhea and Vomiting are all signs of mold consumption. 

Even with dishwasher safe bottles, mold can get trapped under the lid during the drying process and could become consumed by your little ones. 

I strongly recommend sanitizing and steaming bottles and caps daily, just as you did with baby bottles and nipples; and if mold has been visible, toss and replace.

Unfortunately my kids had shown all these signs a week before my findings. I wish I would have found it sooner, but I didn't. They're doing well now since tossing their old bottles and detoxing. Mom guilt is real, but just remember, awareness is the first part and prevention for the future is key.

Check Check and Check again.

Muscle Up Mommy,

Mykel B Davis




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