The Truth About Waxing After Having A Baby: FAQs & Expectations

The Truth About Waxing After Having A Baby: FAQs & Expectations

Thinking about scheduling a Bikini or Brazilian wax after having a baby? Here's some things you should know.

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How Soon Can You Schedule A Wax After Having A Baby?

For vaginal deliveries, experts suggest waiting at least 6 weeks after you have a baby to schedule your first waxing appointment, as long as there was no tearing or stitches required during childbirth.

Moms who delivered by C-section is recommended to wait at least 10-12 weeks after delivery.

Aside getting the go ahead from your primary care team, you'll want to listen to your body and fully recover before you begin planning any "extra curricular" activities.

Most women experience postpartum bleeding for several weeks after childbirth regardless of delivery method. Though it's generally safe to wax while bleeding and most estheticians are comfortable with doing so, you'll want to be aware of scar tissue and any sensitivity that may be present on or around any C-section incision site.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Postpartum Waxing.

There are tons of questions that moms ask about postpartum waxing, so here's a few important one's that you'll want to be sure to check with your professional esthetician before booking.

  • Can I get a wax if I'm still experiencing postpartum bleeding?
  • What is the pain level like?
  • Should I wait until my stitches dissolve to get a wax after having baby?
  • Will it hurt my C-section scar if I get a Brazilian wax after having baby?
  • Should I shave before booking a wax?

All of these questions are fair to ask and the truth is: the experience will be different for each person. According to waxing experts, you absolutely can get waxed while experiencing light bleeding, but some women may not even be comfortable doing so.

Depending on your pain tolerance level, waxing after a baby can either be painless or hyper sensitive around the C-section incision site if you're still healing.

For me, I waited 13 weeks before booking my first wax after baby and the experience was less painful than pre-baby. I'm not sure what changed, but my expectation was to expect soreness and sensitivity and to my surprise, it was quick and easy.

I would 100% recommend waiting until your stitches dissolve before putting any strain, wax or excessive tugs around the area.

Shaving before any wax appointment isn't necessary and it's recommended that your hair is at least a 1/4 inch long before your appointment.

Do's & Don'ts Before And After A Wax?

Other do's and don'ts before booking your first postpartum wax appointment:


  • Don't shave before a wax.
  • Don't take a hot shower before a wax.
  • Don't wax over broken skin.
  • Don't moisturize.


  • Do exfoliate.
  • Do make sure the area is clean and free of any oils, lotions or fragrances.
  • Do wear loose fitting clothing to avoid rashing or chaffing.
  • Do upkeep your maintenance ever 4-5 weeks.

Other important recommendations and things to know:

  • Don't wait too long in between visits.
  • Longer hair will cause the waxing to be more painful.
  • Allow the esthetician to use powder during the visit to reduce sweat.
  • Waxing over moist areas make it more difficult to remove the hair.
  • Fast pulls make for better results. Slow pulls are great for clean up.

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